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Lodz International Studies Academy
Lodz International Studies Academy (LISA) - Poland

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Projects carried out by WSSM
WSSM has been developing a wide research program.

We focus on the following:

  • Diplomacy studies;
  • International economic and finance relations;
  • International law and European integration;
  • Polish foreign policy and diplomacy;
  • Germany and Austria in the new Europe;
  • Contemporary Russia;
  • The Ukraine in light of political change;
  • The USA - its role in the modern world;
  • Central Europe after 1989 - political changes;
  • Society of Central Europe and the problem of Poland's accession into the EU;
  • Theory of international relations;
  • International security issues;
  • Young people and their role in European integration

Research projects are carried out by the following:

  • Department of International Economic and Finance Relations
    - chair - prof. dr hab. Zofia Wysokińska
  • Department of Russian Studies
    - chair - prof. dr hab. Marian Wilk
  • Department od Diplomacy and Foreign Service
    -chair - prof. dr hab. Marian Orzechowski
  • Department of Geography and International Tourism
    - chair - prof. dr hab. Michał Chilczuk
  • Department of German Studies
    - chair - prof. dr hab. Karol Fiedor
  • Department of International Law and European Integration
    - chair - prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Indecki
  • Department of International Political Relations and Political Sciences
    - chair - prof. dr hab. Karol B.Janowski
  • Institute of the Theory of International Relations
    - chair - dr hab. Anatolij Romaniuk
  • Institute of International Security
    - chair - dr hab. Zbigniew Kwiasowski
  • Institute of Mass Media
    - chair - prof. dr Karol Stryjski
  • Office of Foreign Languages
    - chair - mgr Wioletta Wilk-Reguła