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Multiculturalism in the Canadian Context
14-15 April, 2016
Lodz, Poland

Lodz International Studies Academy

About the conference:
Today to an even larger extent than in the past centuries, communication frequently takes place between individuals and institutions representing different national and cultural backgrounds. This has resulted in a vast body of theoretical discussions on the relation between language, culture and discourse, as well as in the emergence of empirical research on intercultural encounters.

In reference to the works of Professor J.K. Chambers (2003), Canada is perhaps the most multilingual in the world not only in the obvious sense that countless languages are spoken there but also in the sense that those language groups tend to sustain themselves beyond the second generation. The country may perhaps be considered multicultural in the sense that it does not have a distinct culture, yet it is made up of different cultures that people bring with them when they come to Canada. Does Bissoondath’s (1994) claim that multiculturalism limits the freedom of minority members, by confining them to cultural and geographic ghettos still prove valid? Does Stoffman’s (2002) critique of the policy of Canadian multiculturalism feel reasonable? Does multiculturalism threaten to reduce the Quebec culture to just another ethnic group? 
We welcome studies, of theoretical and empirical character, on the role of pragmalinguistic differences and different conventions manifested in speech and text genres in cross-cultural contexts, as well as on the effects of power relations upon the forms of  Canadian character intercultural discourse. Social change, linguistic minorities and public media discourse are all within the range of subjects which we aim to be dealt with at the conference. The organizers invite contributions from the fields of linguistics, international relations, political and economic studies, business studies, social psychology, culture and media studies, literature and religion studies, and foreign language education with focus on the Canadian context. The following list of topics is not exhaustive:
  • Intercultural communication, ethnicity and race
  • Functional analysis of social communication
  • Popular culture studies
  • National and social Identity
  • Multiculturalism and multilingualism
  • French in Canada and the Quebecois French
  • Canadian English
  • First nations of Canada
  • Immigration
  • Media in Canada
  • Feminist and LGBT studies
  • Literature studies
  • Internal and external policy of Canada
  • Human Rights in Canada

Proceedings will be digitally published on the conference website. Selected papers will be published in book form with an international publisher.
The Organizing Committee:
Dr Adam Bednarek – Conference Head
Dr Wioletta Wilk-Reguła – Academy Vice Rector
Dr Anna Nowakowska Dryk – Scientific Secretary
Abstract and workshop submissions:
Workshop submissions should contain a 300 word description (including the title) on the content and relevance to the conference. Extended abstracts should not be longer than 1000 words, yet not shorter than 700 words. Deadline for submitting extended abstracts is February 1st, 2016. The academic committee will notify you whether your proposal has been accepted within 21 days after receiving the abstract.
Please send your abstarcts to: cantext2016@wssm.edu.pl
Fees and payement:
Attendees are able to pay the fee via bank transfer or on-site. Please note that we accept local currency PLN. Conference registration price list:

Early Bird Registration 370 PLN (approx. €85)
Regular Fee 300 PLN (approx. €70)

The registration fee covers the cost of meeting rooms, conference materials including book of abstracts, all day coffee, beverages and snacks.
PLEASE NOTE that the conference fee does not cover accommodation, transportation and lunch.

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure that any bank transfer commissions are covered by your account and are not deducted from the money transferred. Bank transfer 

31 1540 1245 2076 4803 7333 0001

IBAN: PL31 1540 1245 2076 4803 7333 0001 

The information provided in the bank transfer should include the following: CANTEXT2016 + name and surname of the person/institution to whom the invoice should be made out + address of the aforementioned person/institution

Important dates:
All workshop and extended abstract submissions must be completed no later than 23:00 EST, 1st February, 2016. To avoid technical problems, early submission is strongly encouraged.

Submissions will be reviewed and confirmed by 21st February 2016. 

Conference registration begins 1st March, 2014.

Early Bird registration deadline is 31st March, 2015.

The conference takes place April 14-15, 2016.

The Venue:
The Conference will be held at the Lodz International Studies Academy, Poland. The Academy is a private institution that was founded in 1997. Currently we hold day and extramural studies on the following majors: International Relations, European Studies and Modern Languages. For more information please visit our website: http://www.wssm.edu.pl. Find us on Facebook and Twitter (@WSSMwLodzi).
The City:
Łódź, whose history dates back to the 15th century, is the second largest city in Poland, with a population of around seven hundred thousand people. It is located 130 km (85 miles) south-west of Warsaw, almost in the very centre of Poland. Its short yet remarkable history is closely linked to the growth of the textile industry – even today its most characteristic sights include late-19th-century neogothic factories and well-preserved, magnificent villas and palaces of former factory owners, now turned into museums or sites of various cultural and educational institutions.Despite the fact that Lodź is an industrial city, it has the largest urban green areas in Poland, among them Łagiewniki, the biggest municipal park in Poland, with two wooden chapels and a Baroque monastery. Since 1945 Łódź has been an important academic centre with a number of state-run academic institutions.
Getting here:
Lodz International Airport (LCJ) currently has connections via Munich and Amsterdam (Adria Airways codeshare with Lufthansa) and low cost Ryanair connections. An alternative is to fly to Warsaw Airport and take the train to Łódź Kaliska.