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Lodz International Studies Academy
Lodz International Studies Academy (LISA) - Poland

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International Relations

B.A. - 3 years

M.A. - 2 years 





Who should consider studying International Relations in English curriculum?


  • International students who intend to pursue careers in applied settings where international relations-related policy is formulated and implemented,
  • Students who wish to gain a general education in social sciences and plan on pursuing careers which require good command of written and spoken English,
  • Poles living abroad and students of Polish descent considering relocating to Poland and wanting to ease their reintegration into the Polish community. 



English has become an international language of IR and is now a sine qua non for making scholarly contributions. Studying International Relations requires a firm grasp of the current literature, most of which is available only in English. No IR specialist can succeed without the ability to write in English clearly and engagingly. Many students have realized that trying to master English as an entirely separate endeavor is no longer a viable strategy. In addition, the ongoing transition and democratization in Eastern and Central Europe is of key significance to the field of International Relations. Thus studying IR in English and at LAIS is a great strategy.



Program focus


Key social, economic and political problems must now be seen at a trans-national level rather than at the level of an individual state. Accordingly, as a discipline of social sciences IR has become one of the fastest growing and one of the most exciting fields of studies. Our International Relations Program is interdisciplinary while focusing on the role of "New Europe" in the new world order.


The program emphasizes combining theory of the basic disciplines of international relations with a strong pragmatic focus. Our intention is to offer students a non-traditional curriculum allowing them to understand contemporary international relations. A considerable portion of the IR program is devoted to developing practical debating and negotiation skills. While at school, students acquire a sound knowledge of fundamental IR theories and a rigorous training on applying IR practices in various professional settings, particularly in government and business.


LISA students take up their practices in many prestigious institutions: The Chancellary of the President of Poland, Foreign Office and other ministries, embassies and local government. We also strive to fulfill this aspect of student practice with our foreign partners. The purpose being that our students could take up their practice in foreign companies or administration institutions which operate within the realm of EU law.



The degree program covers the following thematic areas: 



Political studies

  • International relations theory
  • Conceptions of regional integration
  • The world at the beginning of the 20th century
  • International forecast & simulations
  • Basics of law
  • Organization & performance of foreign service
  • Terrorism in the contemporary world
  • International social policy
  • China in the contemporary world
  • USA in the contemporary World
  • Russia in the contemporary World


Economic studies:

  • International human rights law
  • International environmental law  
  • Trade & international transactions
  • Globalism & regionalism
  • Economics of development
  • International trade & finance 


European studies:

  • Poland in Europe
  • Monarchies in Europe
  • International security institutions
  • Protection of human rights


Academic subjects:

  • Thesis defense seminar
  • Intercultural communication
  • Monographic lecture
  • Specialized lectures
  • Seminar



For non EU students:

  1. 200 EURO - entry fee
  2. 1900 EURO - per academic year (winter and summer semester)

EU students are applicable to costs similar to polish students.


A minimum of 40 students must be signed up in order for a group to be created.


For the Bachelor's degree program and more detailed information on Master's degree program, please contact us: 


Lodz International Studies Academy

E-mail: internationaloffice@wssm.edu.pl 

Phone numbers: (+48) 42 689 72 16, (+48) 600 437 676, (+48) 601 076 345


We look forward to seeing you in LISA!