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Lodz International Studies Academy
Lodz International Studies Academy (LISA) - Poland

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About Lodz

Łódź - a city at the heart of Poland, where Europe’s major communication routes interweave. Established in 1423, the City for centuries lived a humble life only to experience a fresh start in the 19th century, with the arrival of the textile industry. At the time, Lodz was one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

Nicknamed „the promised land”, it grew to be a real home for thousands of settlers from around Europe. Lodz was like a huge melting pot which mixed the various languages, cultures, religions, and national traditions. This variety produced the City’s wealth and character. Here, side by side with the gigantic factories, emerged tasteful villas and palaces surrounded by parks, while the style of the down-town tenement houses evoked the bygone ages. These buildings outshined the vast working-class housing estates  and  invariable  in  their  appearance suburban dwellings. The heritage of the past still plays a vital and decisive role in the City’s contemporary architectural  tissue,  so  that  it  resists  being overshadowed even by modern steel-and-glass buildings.

Respectful of our tradition, we endeavour to carefully preserve the monuments of the past and identify their new roles and functions. The City’s historical landmarks represent some of its major attractions. Palace drawing rooms, beautiful interiors of the houses of worship, concert and theatre halls all emanate history and provide a setting for many captivating cultural events. Lodz’s cheerful ambience proves that it is a city of youth, art, and academia. The great number of colleges, festivals, art exhibitions, festivities, and unique museum collections are true magnets for those wishing to be in the mainstream of European events.