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Lodz International Studies Academy
Lodz International Studies Academy (LISA) - Poland

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Dear Students,

Welcome to Lodz International Studies Academy!

Come and study in Łódź at the heart of Poland. Lodz International Studies Academy (LISA) offers you the opportunity to start your international career in one of Poland’s leading private founded academic Institutions. The bachelor and master programmes of LISA combine the highest academic standard in numerous fields with a business and political-oriented approach: a perfect match for international employment.

Our Bachelor and Masters programmes are carried out under our two Faculties: The International Studies Department and the Philology Department. We endevour to train our students and enrich their knowledge so as to fulfill all the regulations and requirements set by European and global standards.

Please, check the international relations program.

This is a very popular faculty. Such an educational background provides a chance of success for many young and ambitious people from all over the world. The aim of the studies on the Department is to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to perform their duties in social, political and cultural life at the time of regional and global integration in the World and also to do research work. The program refers to: POLITICS, ECONOMY, LAW and FOREIGN LANGUAGES.

We offer the following subjects:

Term I
  • International relations theory
  • Conceptions of regional integration
  • Economics of development
  • International trade & finance  
  • The world at the beginning of the 20th century
  • International forecast & simulations
  • Basics of law
  • Organization & performance of foreign service

Term II 
  • Monarchies in Europe
  • International human rights law  
  • International environmental law  
  • Trade & international transactions
  • Globalism & regionalism
  • Monographic lecture

Term III  
  • Poland in Europe
  • International security institutions
  • Protection of human rights
  • Intercultural communication
  • USA in the contemporary World
  • Russia in the contemporary World
  • Specialized lectures
  • Seminar

Term IV
  • Terrorism in the contemporary world
  • International social policy
  • China in the contemporary world
  • Thesis defense seminar
Furthermore, Lodz International Studies Academy offers you attractive philologies: English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. 
The program of the English Philology can be found here:
For more information concerning other Philologies, please contact us. 
How to apply:
  1. Download the following document and send it back to us (Application request to the Rector)
    for BA studies - download
    for MA studies - download
  2. Send us a scan of your High School Diploma and BA. diploma
  3. Send us a scan of your passport page with your picture
  4. 2 photographs
  5. Send us a copy of a document confirming medical insurance
  6. Send us a doctor's note confirming your ability to study 
  7. An issued visa
  8. Once in Poland: you need to go to the Education office and they need to notify your diploma (we will help you with that on arrival)

Please, send the documents to:

Lodz International Studies Academy
ul. Brzozowa 3
93-101 LODZ

For more information, please contact us:

Lodz International Studies Academy
e-mail: internationaloffice@wssm.edu.pl 
Phone number: (+48) 42 689 72 16, (+48) 600 437 676, (+48) 601 076 345