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Wyższa Szkoła Studiów Międzynarodowych w Łodzi
Lodz International Studies Academy (LISA) - Poland

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Erasmus Policy Statement (EN)

Erasmus Logo 

Lodz Academy of International Studies (LAIS) is a private institution that was founded in accordance with the Higher Education Act, 12.09.1990 (Legislation Nr 65, paragraph 385) and added to the register of non-government educational facilities under entry 121 by the Minister of National Education on the 4th of July 1997. Functioning of the Academy is governed by official status and regulations  of studies.

Nowadays LAIS trains about 2000 Students. The Academy accepts about 500 students a year in a full-time mode and 300 in an extensive mode. The four main majors of LAIS are: International Relations and Business, Tourism and recreation, European Studies and Philologies (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese). The aim of the studies is to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary to perform their duties in social, political and cultural life at the time of regional and global integration in the World.Our Academy is also a very important center of research works/studies in such disciplines like politics, diplomacy, European integration or German, British and American studies.

Based on internal analysis and external context with the special focus on Lisbon Convention and Bologna Declaration LAIS accepts its priority to implement the strategy of European Higher Education Area. In the frame of European Union Lifelong Learning Programme/ Erasmus (Erasmus University Charter) LAIS would like to encourage academic community to activities towards:
  • increasing of academic staff and students mobility, 
  • development of educational programs, 
  • organization of Intensive Programs 
  • participation in thematic networks. 
  • promoting of the activities, ideas and rules of Charter  

Lodz Academy of International Studies understands the role of International cooperation. Since the very beginning we have been looking for partner institutions abroad in order to be able to set out mutual project. The authorities of LAIS have done great effort to find reliable partners both in EU member countries as well as outside EU.  Nowadays, LAIS cooperates with many European and non- European Universities (from countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Cyprus, Hungary or Denmark) within the framework of LLP-Erasmus exchange programme. One of the most important forms of exchanging mutual experiences is students’ and teachers’ mobility within the frameworks of Longlife Learning Programme - Erasmus. 

The body that ensures the high quality of academic mobility activities at LAIS is the International Office, where all incoming and outgoing students and academic staff members interested in Erasmus receive all necessary information on the possibilities of studying and teaching abroad, partner universities, terms of recruitment, financial aspects, courses provided and accommodation. The programme description, deadlines, information about the accommodation and recruitment for students and teachers is put on specially designed website together with all  additional details and further information. 

Both outgoing and incoming student should contact his/her institutional or departmental ERASMUS coordinator. The candidate should approach the International Office at LAIS for further information. The student should complete the Student Application Form and the Learning Agreement The Learning Agreement must be signed by an authorized person at home university. Any changes to the originally agreed program of study will be indicated on the reverse side of the Learning Agreement and be countersigned by the student and the coordinators of both home and host institutions.

Both outgoing and incoming teacher should contact his/her institutional or departmental ERASMUS coordinator. The candidate should approach the International Office at LAIS for further information. The teacher should complete the Individual Teaching Programme that must be signed by an authorized person at the home university.

As regards the accomodation for incoming students we offer our Erasmus students a place in our own, modern and new Dormitory. As well as all our international partners, we use the ECTS system. We offer many courses in different languages for local and incoming students. Preparatory and refresher language courses for foreigners are also available.

LAIS is a non-discriminating institution, implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of gender, racial or ethnic origin, culture, religion and belief. Courses on gender equality, specifically related to entrepreneurship and the labor market, have been introduced in almost all the curricula of the academic departments. International life in LAIS  enables people from different countries to meet their colleagues from other parts of Europe, exchange views and experience on various matters. Meeting cultures means being able to understand people of different customs. We stress that understanding cultural and religious diversities within Europe is inevitable if one wants to break stereotypes and be in good relations with other citizens of this continent. Furthermore, LAIS provides easy access to all of its facilities for disabled students and staff.