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Lodz International Studies Academy
Lodz International Studies Academy (LISA) - Poland

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International events

  1. My Voice for Europe (7-9th July 2011) more information here: http://www.voiceforeurope.eu/

  2. INTERCOM 2011 - Intercultural Communication in the European Context (3-5th June 2011) more information here: http://www.intercom2011.wssm.edu.pl/
  3. INTERCOM 2009 - Intercultural Communication in the European Context (6-8th June 2009) more information here: http://icec2009.wssm.edu.pl
  4. My Voice. The Future of Europe (12-13th May 2008) more information here: http://www.myvoice.wssm.edu.pl/
  5. EU-ASEAN Relations in the Context Nuremberg Declaration (22nd-23rd October 2007)
  6. „The Media and Politics” International science conference in Lodz International Studies Academy (27-28th April 2006) more information here: http://www.mediaapolityka.wssm.edu.pl/
  7. MEDIACOM - Media and International Communication conference, (3rd - 5th June 2005)
  8. GEMEINSAMES EUROPA - "German-speaking state in the new Europe and Poland" (18-19th April 2005)

  9. Conference "NEW UKRAINE IN NEW EUROPE" (20th January 2005)